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SERAPHINA SIMONE Shares Debut Single ‘Cherry’

The British-American artist Seraphina Simone dismantles the American Dream in her mesmerising debut single Cherry.

Seraphina Simone 2020

Tackling the consumer culture behaviours and the social media-driven rat race, Cherry introduces us to Seraphina Simone‘s honey-glazed, elegant pop sound. Velvet, sweet-sounding vocals float atop of graceful melodies, stroked by a subtle electronic touch. With an exquisite visual quality, Cherry is an effortlessly penned dream-pop marvel that exposes the flaws of the digital age society and negates the belief that we need to possess more in order to be happy.

Speaking of the new track, Seraphina shares:

‘Cherry’ is the voice in our heads telling us we don’t have enough, telling us to want more, buy more, be richer, be thinner, be prettier, be better than everyone else. It’s that sarky bitch who’s really mean to you and you hate her but you also kind of want to be her best friend because she’s perfect and you’re a mess. It’s the voice fuelled by consumer culture and jealousy and insecurity and myths like the American Dream. It seems harmless enough even though it fucks up the planet and makes us miserable no matter how much we have. Maybe in a weird way Covid will make us realise we don’t need so much shit to be happy.