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IANN DIOR Shares Video for ‘Pretty Girls’

The track is taken from iann dior’s nine-track new EP I’m Gone.

iann dior 2020

Puerto Rico-born, Texas-raised rapper iann dior has returned with his genre-crossing new project, I’m Gone. Featuring guests galore, including Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker (Sick And Tired), and Lil Baby (Prospect), the EP further cements iann as one of the most exciting artists on the current music scene.

Blurring the lines between rap and punk, iann’s progressive approach to music has garnered him great support. His moody lo-fi hip-hop, soaked in poppier sensibilities, shines through on his latest single, Pretty Girls. Unabashedly honest lyrics glide over an infectious hook and crisp organic instrumentation to reveal the truth behind a modern romance.

Speaking of his creative approach, iann shares:

Anytime I hear a beat that I love, it’ll bring out the story I want to tell. I’ll start humming the melody and the words will follow that – it’s all just whatever comes out of my head right in the moment. The whole reason I started making music was J. Cole. He showed me that I could use songs to tell my own story, just like he uses his songs to tell his story.