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COFFEE TALK Blaze Onto the Scene With Debut ‘Reflections’

Electric from the first note and catchy as hell, pop-punk’s newest addition, Coffee Talk, will have you tangled in their mic chord instantly with their breakthrough single, Reflections.

Coffee Talk 2020

As a debut single, it is hard to get better than Coffee Talk’s Reflections. Hailing from Germany, the pop-punkers are out to make a name for themselves with this hype-building first release. The edgy breakdown after the first chorus puts a spin on the age-old formula and brings new interest and dynamics to the track than originally anticipated. Lively instrumentation and a spirited chorus breathe high-energy life into this rowdy, crowdsurf-inducing experience. Topped off with great vocals and solid lyricism, Reflections is a stand-out debut.

The accompanying video cleverly plays into the name and themes of the song with Coffee Talk’s frontman singing into many reflective surfaces like mirrors and puddles. Fighting against humanity’s inherent selfishness is also represented in the plastic tarp imagery consistently seen throughout. Reflections is a must-listen for anyone looking for new music in the scene.

Discussing Reflections, Coffee Talk explained:

Sometimes we don’t even realize our selfishness. Everything that we do, does something to people around you too. It’s important to be aware of that and to understand that others feelings are important, regardless of how hurt, sad, mad or heartbroken you are. ‘Reflections’ tells the story that this realization might come too late, when you have already lost a love or a friend. We can be better than that.