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MAGGIE CASSIDY Unveil Incendiary New Track ‘Just To Know’

A track ablaze with soaring vocals and lively instrumentals, Just To Know will have you hanging onto every last word and leave you wrapped around the band’s fingers.

Maggie Cassidy 2020

Ahead of their debut EP Life Is Beautiful release on July 31st, Maggie Cassidy have offered another taste of what’s to come with their fiery new single Just To Know. With a carefree attitude, slamming riffs and unabashedly loud melodies, the swaggering charisma of Just To Know will be impossible to ignore and shy away from. You’ll catch yourself swept up in the boundless energy of the band as they power through pounding chords and crushing drums, delivering a shot of concentrated energy in sonic form.

Describing the track as a “balls to the wall rock song with a big chorus”, vocalist Jamie Coupe further speaks on the meaning behind the track:

It’s about feeling trapped in the mundanity of a day-to-day routine and after a while that voice in your head creeps in and says ‘fuck it, burn it down, ruin everything, see how it feels.’ It’s that self-destructive urge to destroy everything you love just out of curiosity. I’m not *too* reckless and try to look after the people in my life, so it’s more of a fantasy. A what if.