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SYNS Debut Electrifying New Single ‘Soul’

With their latest uplifting and raucous release, Soul, alternative pop-rock has a new ruler and their name is SYNS.

SYNS 2020

Hailing from Sacramento, California, SYNS are not playing around with their newest single, Soul. The song focuses on themes like growth and being more than your past. Maddison, the frontperson of SYNS, puts her defiant and powerful vocals on full show, accentuated by dark power-pop chords, heavy drumming, and purposeful synth additions. Confident lines like “the past hurts the most when you can see what you’ve become” and “I’m someone different you know / And all I’ve been has to go” thrust the inward energy of Soul outwards for feasting ears. The shaky video features the band being caressed by old, masked versions of themselves, threatening to keep them as the persons they were rather than whom they’ve become.

SYNS describe Soul as:

This song is about not letting your past define you. You are more than your mistakes.