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BRYAN HUGO IGLESIAS Believes You Should ‘Trust The Process’

Trust The Process is a song about being brave enough to try something new and believing it will work out, which is exactly what Bryan Hugo Iglesias did to create an alternative track that is as striking as it is lively.

Bryan Hugo Iglesias 2020

Trust The Process is a song that builds, drops, then builds even more. Bryan Hugo Iglesias brings together elements from classic psychedelic rock, hip-hop, and modern alternative to create a sermon for growth and facing challenges head-on. Moments of harmonization bring a mantra-like quality to the track, while aggressive guitars and distorted vocals bring power and energy to a song that strongly pushes for ‘trusting the process’. Neither the electrifying guitar solo nor the rap verse feels out of place on Trust The Process, proving Bryan Hugo Iglesias’s prowess as an independent artist in 2020.

Describing the song, Iglesias said:

‘Trust The Process’ is about taking a leap of faith, standing on the edge of the unknown and trusting that your next step will find solid ground. It’s about choosing to share your energy in a world that is constantly trying to take it away – because it’s better to learn a lesson than to stop moving forward.