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TENNIS CLUB Release New Single ‘Morning’

In a striking debut, Tennis Club create a pretty array of optimistic acoustics and introspective lyricism on their song Morning.

Tennis Club 2020

The duo made up of lifelong best friends Justin and Sam, Tennis Club have just started on their musical journey with Morning, but write and perform with the ease and confidence of someone in the business for thirty years. It feels effortless and carefree. The dainty acoustic riff that inspired the track is woven through with emotion and power, laughter and longing, golden percussion and soft synths. Behind the lead vocals, a soft echoing repeat of the line before it adds subtle but deep depth and dimension to the song. If Morning is what Tennis Club have to offer from the get-go, it will be exciting to see them flourish and grow with further releases. Until then, this wonderful debut will do just fine.

The video for Morning sees the duo goofing around in the back of a van as they drive around the streets they used to bike on as kids. It serves as a reminder of the importance of youthfulness and living for the moment despite the melancholic lyrics of loss and longing.

Describing how the song came together, Tennis Club said:

We already had the guitar riff for a few weeks when we took an overnight train out of LA to Tucson to visit my [Sam’s] sister. We couldn’t sleep on the train and we watched the sun rise over the desert listening to the guitar over and over again on headphones and inspiration struck. I had been dealing a lot with distance from my girlfriend at the time which didn’t help our already failing relationship and the lyrics reflect those feelings.