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BONIFACE Shares New Single ‘Happy Birthday’

Boniface regales us with celebrations in isolation through improvised visuals and catchy vocals in newest single Happy Birthday.

Boniface 2020

Canada’s Micah Visser, who goes under the alias of Boniface, has been creating for three years but it’s only in the last 18 months that they have begun to truly shine. In February of this year, they released their self-titled debut album, which is an honest narration on all of Micah and the band’s personal struggles. Five months on, Boniface has just released their brand new single, Happy Birthday, a track that highlights simple, honest, good fun. A consistent pop beat sits in the background and Boniface’s gratifying vocals fill listeners with joy and faith in the midst of these lonely times.

The music video for the track was made in front of green screens and over the internet, as Boniface celebrated their birthday alongside the likes of Girl Ray and Blaenavon. Boniface had this to say about the video’s inspirations:

I was so lucky to have a safe place to isolate, but it was still an anxious, lonely birthday and I’m sure this experience wasn’t unique to me. The idea for the music video stemmed from that – celebrations in isolation, seen through computer screens and video messages… it goes out to everyone trying to connect or find some joy given the circumstances.