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CHRISTY Shares Poignant New Ballad ‘Pictures’

Wearing his heart on his sleeve for all to see, the vulnerability and emotional tenderness of Pictures paints Christy as an emotional musician to watch.

Christy 2020

Glasweigian artist Christy takes the age-old love ballad and puts his own delicate and emotional spin on it with newest single Pictures. He lays bare all he has to offer both lyrically and musically, with heart-touching lyricism and a minimal piano accompaniment that allows his raw vocals to pierce through and take centre stage. Pictures is the latest single to be released as part of his anticipated debut EP Homegrown, set for release later this year.

Sharing more of what can be expected from the EP, Christy says of the forthcoming release:

These songs are everything I have been through in the last few years… My first release needed to be real, genuine – either people like it or they don’t, but at least I have been 100% myself and I’m not sacrificing anything to be a popstar. They are sad songs but I wanted them to sound beautiful.

And if Pictures is a hint of what’s to come, then he has definitely achieved his aim of making beautiful sad songs, as he delivers a most gentle and delicate performance through tender falsetto and melancholic chords. The accompanying video is equally touching, featuring home-shot footage that draws out the intimate nature of the track.