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FAMILY OF THINGS Release Summer Hit ‘YKB’

With their unique concoction of jazz, funk, and electro-pop Family Of Things are re-energizing your summer playlist with their latest single, YKB.

Family Of Things 2020

The track, which will be included on the deluxe edition of last year’s full-length album Oscilloscope, is one of Family Of Things’ best tracks yet. Spinning a juicy web of smooth saxophone solos, infectious synth riffs, and plucky, rich guitar notes that any of the funk powerhouses would be proud of, YKB is a bright and shiny summer hit. The sultry sax plays harmoniously with the bold bass while the vocals are vibrant and undeniably confident – standing out when they need to then fading into a support role when it’s time for the rest of the band to shine. The electrifying instrumental outro in the final minute of YKB is a dazzling send-off for this multi-faceted track.

Detailing the message of YKB, the band said:

The central lyric of this song, “you know me better”, refers to our global society. It has collectively adopted a series of substances and hateful thought processes in a jarring way, which overrides our healthy instincts to be loving, honest and open to everyone, everything, and ourselves.

‘YKB’ is a testament to finding pathways to a brighter and kinder future, and quickly. Once the dust settles, when the high fades and the worry subsides, we can rebuild what it means to be human again and what it means to love fully.

The deluxe edition of Oscilloscope drops August 21st.