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JAMES BAY Releases Video for New Single ‘Chew On My Heart’

Get on your feet and get dancing to James Bay’s melodic new anthem, Chew On My Heart.

James Bay 2020

The phrase “looks can be deceiving” can definitely be said for sounds, too. The absolute sensation James Bay begins his brand new single, Chew On My Heart, with a sombre, isolated verse that’s accompanied only by an airy electric guitar; an insistent bass drum begins pounding as the chorus comes in, and the track takes a positive turn. The track is a metaphor for wanting more in a relationship, but this is in no way a typical song about love, or the lack of. “The verses are a devotion” and “the chorus is a question;” the whole track is an exploration of the compromise and also vulnerability found in a relationship.

With two albums in his back pocket to date Bay’s career is already in full swing, but Chew On My Heart is the first release from his forthcoming album and this new chapter is definitely one we’re all excited for – his range and talent never fails to keep listeners’ guessing. On both this single and his music as a whole, Bay surmises:

Whether it makes you happy, sad, strong, fragile, or want to dance, I want my music to open up something inside of you. That’s what music has always done for me.