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HOT MILK Share Video for ‘California’s Burning’

Tempestuous and disturbing, Hot Milk’s newest banger California’s Burning returns to claim the spotlight one more time, together with an equally captivating and edgy video. 

Hot Milk 2020

Dynamic drums, untamed guitar riffs and decibel smashing vocals, all complemented by edgy electronic elements and edits, have claimed your attention as Hot Milk‘s newest banger California’s Burning came to the world like a hurricane. An awakening commentary on society’s tragic state and a condemning testimony to people’s ignorance, Hot Milk unapologetically challenge the status quo and unveil the violent, untamed nature of humanity. Now all this is completed by a music video to picture how deranged and psychotic the situation looks through their eyes.

Speaking on the new track, the band shares:

We had something to say so we just fkin said it. Not anti-American, just anti-asshole. This is a rally cry against greed and the ruling class that so desperately cling to control the freethinkers and the good hearted. We are all children of today and mavericks of tomorrow. We can build a bridge because their minds are too narrow.