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SLEEPING WITH SIRENS Announce Deluxe Edition of ‘How It Feels To Be Lost’

Explosive new banger by Sleeping With Sirens, Talking To Myself unleashes frustration and lets it rampage like you’ve never seen before.

Sleeping With Sirens 2019

In the explosive yet melodic spirit of their latest album How It Feels To Be Lost, Sleeping With Sirens return to add a brand new banger to the mix. Talking To Myself is a battle cry for freedom and liberation, an anthem to anger and restlessness, as well as a commentary on mental health and society. Questioning deep dissatisfaction and inexplicable frustration, the song comes as one of the heaviest they’ve released lately, while keeping the trademark SWS melodic sound. With feverish, piercing drums, fierce guitar riffs and shattering, unleashed vocals, Talking To Myself is beyond a reason of doubt a memorable tune, worthy of complementing their latest and outstanding album on its Deluxe version release.

How It Feels To Be Lost (Deluxe) is set for release on August 21st via Sumerian Records.

SWS How It Feels To Be Lost Deluxe 2020


01. Leave It All Behind

02. Never Enough

03. How It Feels To Be Lost

04. Agree To Disagree

05. Ghost

06. Blood Lines

07. Break Me Down

08. Another Nightmare

09. PS Missing You

10. Medicine

11. Dying To Believe

12. Talking to Myself

13. Leave It All Behind (Acoustic)

14. Agree to Disagree (Acoustic)

15. Ghost (Acoustic)