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iDKHOW BUT THEY FOUND ME Drop Stellar Video for ‘Razzmatazz’

With graphics reminiscent of a time past, the video for Razzmatazz is every bit as charismatic as the track.

iDKHOW 2020

The time-warp mysteries continue in the newest video released by iDKHOW BUT THEY FOUND ME for their recent single Razzmatazz. The track is lifted off their forthcoming debut album under the same name, set for release on October 16th. A glitzy and indulgent track that tackles the lucrative show business of Hollywood, it drips with hedonistic luxury in its sultry beats and impassioned saxophone solos.

The track receives a visual makeover under the guidance of director Everett Fitch. Filmed using only lo-fi VHS equipment, the dated nature of the apparatus shows itself in the vintage looking final results. Aided by old-school editing styles of adding clips of experimental films and early computer generated images from the late 1970s, the band’s eccentric performance in front of such backdrops add to a general feeling that we’re looking at an anachronistic clip of a different time. This fits in with the band’s constructed general narrative that they are, in fact, a band from 30 years ago who didn’t get their big break at the time, but are slowly being brought to attention by the gradual release of recovered footage. What this single video means in the overall genesis remains slightly mystified but as more puzzle pieces are shared, the plot will begin to string up.