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Monthly Archives: October 2020

Bryar 2020

BRYAR Shares New Single ‘Salt & Water’

We have a little something that will soothe the soul called Salt & Water by Bryar.  This chill track has everything you need, velvety smooth vocals and an effortless cool production to balance it out. As we delve into the lyrics, it is emotive and


Artist Of The Week // UPSAHL

With a swaggering confidence and no-nonsense mentality, UPSAHL is the badass female role model that we can all benefit from in our lives. There’s something extremely empowering and inspiring about women who don’t buy into distractions and falsities, and UPSAHL takes the throne with her

St. Buryan 2020

ST. BURYAN Release New Track ‘Torn Apart’

An insanely catchy melody and anthemic chorus makes up the components of Torn Apart – the new single from St. Buryan. Torn Apart is brimming with early 2000s pop punk soundscapes that anyone in their twenties will remember fondly. The new track was penned around

Haunter 2020

HAUNTER Release New Single ‘Risk It All’

Haunter will have you ready to Risk It All with electrifying new single. Haunter have offered music lovers a summer-soaked single to get them through the winter with their latest, Risk It All. Anthemic and glittering from the get-go this driving track is backed by