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GLASS PEAKS Deliver Visceral New Track ‘Lift Me’

Combining evocative and atmospheric instrumentals with pleading lyricism, Glass Peaks are sure to strike right into your core with Lift Me.

Glass Peaks 2020

Londoners Glass Peaks have thoughtfully curated and honed an anthemic alt-indie sound that would easily fill even the biggest of arenas, and their latest single Lift Me is another example of their penchant for writing captivating melodies. Driving guitars and forlorn vocals implore a relief from companionship, acknowledging that no matter how strong you are, we all need a shoulder to lean on sometimes – ‘I need you to lift me up’. Admitting our own vulnerabilities and shortcomings may not be the easiest thing, but with Lift Me, Glass Peaks will help you find your inner strength as sometimes, asking for help is the bravest thing you can do.

Sharing more on the heartfelt lyricism behind the track, the band elaborates:

It’s about needing someone else’s strength and realising that no matter how resilient you are, you can’t always carry the world on your shoulders. It’s about the heady romantic night walks followed by mind numbing arguments. It’s about realising your own self worth and actually putting your foot down for once. I suppose in general it’s just about making a statement, and implementing the changes you want to see.