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COYOTE ISLAND Gets Groovy With ‘Hello Silence’

It’s time to unplug from the manic world around you, and take a dip into the colourful world of Coyote Island.

Coyote Island 2020

A cross-road between different genres, from folk and pop to reggae and R&B, Coyote Island is the fantastical imaginary creation of Maine-based musician Mike O’Hehir. It’s a whimsical place where creativity knows no constraints, and the atmosphere is infused with a funky tropical vibe that you cannot help but groove along to. With latest single Hello Silence, staccato electronics pair with pattering hi-hats to add a buoyancy to the track that will make you feel like you’re floating atop cloud nine. You’ll find the track melting away all of your shackles and delivering an airy freedom from the bombardment of daily life.

Speaking more about the lyrical inspiration behind the track, Mike shares:

‘Hello Silence’ is about taking a break from the noise. The always turning wheels of thought in today’s era of information can be overwhelming. Sometimes a little peace and quiet can really set my mind straight. It’s like the calm after a storm. My favorite line is in the second verse: “seen a rainbow colored sky and I don’t even have to wonder why”. This carries some personal sentiment for me. Rather than a philosophical quest for meaning, it’s about demystifying the unknown by simply embracing it. In that letting go, so much more is received through the experience of awareness and presence. I’ve come to enjoy the simplicity of life lately, and this song reflects that. No matter how many trips or far out you get, sometimes catching the right sunset just really takes the cake. I wrote the lyrics shortly after the pandemic set in and they are very much about our current times. In a way, I look at this time like the end… but also the beginning of something brand new. ‘Hello Silence’ invites you to tune out at the static and tap your toes.