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Album Review // NCT ‘Resonance Pt. 1’

Demonstrating incredible versatility and unparalleled artistry, NCT break away from the K-pop stereotypical musical style and impress with an avalanche of quality, trailblazing songs in their newest album Resonance Pt. 1.

NCT Resonance Pt 1

Four years after their debut album, NCT (Neo Culture Technology) return with a treat in the shape of a two-part mega album, with the first one released this month. However, this doesn’t mean the group has been completely silent in the meantime. Gathered from across Asia and US, the 23-member super group has been constantly releasing music under the banner of one the four sub-groups (NCT 127, NCT U, NCT Dream and WayV).

Back to their latest album, Resonance Pt. 1 kicks off strong with the electronic and hip hop infused slick party song Make A Wish (Birthday Song) and Taeyong’s alluring raps. Losing themselves in Misfit, confidence boasting raps start pouring and it is an equally glorious and fun song, with Mark and Taeyong owning the spotlight.

Volcano changes the tone, with a slicker, pop sound putting forward an impressively well flowing mosaic of melodic vocals by an array of members. Next, Light Bulb gets serious and heart-breakingly sad, with a perfect balance of serious raps and soft vocals, supported by an extensive instrumental from which the piano stands out. Lifting the mood again with a jazz and R&B inspired sound, Dancing In The Rain is that one song that makes you feel like you’re in a romantic k-movie, starring in one of those rainy yet candid and heart-warming scenes.

Déjà Vu turns up the energy and boasts with good, cheeky vibes while Nectar follows with a more provocative and smooth sound and Music, Dance adds old school party electro beats to the mix, making it impossible to stay still.

Faded In My Last Song goes full R&B and delivers a mesmerising cocktail of smooth-flowing, dramatic and complimenting  vocals, while From Home takes this a step further by adding a touch of soul music, by bringing the piano back to the forefront of the instrumental.

Overall, this is an incredibly varied collection of songs, showcasing an unbelievable versatility of the members’ music style but also demonstrating their unparalleled skills which makes it so easy for them to freely create and deliver high quality songs in any music genre. Given this stellar Part 1 of their dual Resonance, we can only wonder how are NCT going to top this in Part 2. We shall wait and see…