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NISA Shares New Single ‘Common Denominator’

Nisa teases her forthcoming debut EP with early 2000s grunge-pop fused single Common Denominator.

Nisa 2020

Nisa is the solo project of the multi-talented singer and songwriter Denisa Lumaj who produces distinguishing and anthemic indie gems. The New York-based artist admits to drawing inspiration from her culturally diverse background while growing up and her major interest in the picturesque storytelling of acts like PJ Harvey and The Cure. After spending years performing around stages in Manhattan and grasping every possible opportunity coming her way, Nisa officially launched her music with the lo-fi debut single Forget Me / Giving in July and its dazzling successor Colossus in August.

The latest three-minute earworm Common Denominator serves as yet another tease off Nisa’s upcoming debut EP. Reflecting on the depths of miscommunication, the single might initially sound like a soothing acoustic guitar driven soundscape, but don’t be fooled and make sure to stick around as one minute in and Common Denominator explodes into an electrifying early 2000s pop-punk fuelled chorus with Nisa’s commanding vocals blooming more than ever.

Speaking on the new single, Nisa shares:

The song is about miscommunication, and the delayed realization that it takes two to tango in silence.