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SPORTS Share New Single ‘Baby Baby’

Duo Sports have shared their brand new woozy single Baby Baby that’s a cross between Father John Misty and Phantom Isle. 

Sports 2020

Sports have announced that they are working on a new, two-part LP to be released over the coming months, and shared the lead single, Baby Baby. Inspired by vocalist Cale Chronister’s exploration of his own feelings within a relationship and how they coincided with his partner’s emotions, the new track pulls the listener into a trance-like state that’s psychedelic and akin to falling through the air. This new American duo is here to make your head spin and your heart stop, Sports are one to look out for.

Speaking on the new single, Cale explains:

‘Baby Baby’ is about codependency. My emotions being dependent on someone else’s emotions. It’s about a vicious cycle of not being able to comfort someone who is crying, and their crying ending up making me more upset than they are.

In the verses of the song I’m expressing my frustration with being unable to be comforting, and in the chorus I end up asking for comfort. It’s a messed up cycle that I find myself in. The ego placing itself where it doesn’t belong. But as the song goes on, that last chorus gets more emotional, and the same lyrics can be heard as actual empathy. As if something clicked and I felt your pain and cried with you, instead of just trying to make myself feel better.

When I wrote the song, I had arbitrarily named it ‘Baby Baby’ before I had real lyrics written for it. I wanted the song to be about crying, because when I was a baby, I had colic and I cried all the time. The only thing my mom could do to stop it was play the song ‘Baby Baby’ by Amy Grant super loud in the living room while she danced with me in her arms. I love that sentiment. It’s actually a beautiful example of how to love someone who is upset. I love the image I have in my head of my mother’s memory. Definitely my first relationship with a particular song. I still love that song.