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Harrison Cole 2020

HARRISON COLE Shares New Single ‘eyelash’

Harrison Cole has released catchy new single eyelash that’s perfect for a chilled out morning. Ex-finalist on The X Factor Harrison Cole has shared his brand new single eyelash that’s heavily influenced by the sounds of RnB, indie bedroom pop and jazz. The track features

Banji 2020

BANJI Reveal Video for New Single ‘Listen’

Retro and energetic are the two words used to describe the new music video for single Listen by Banji.  Indie outfit Banji have released their first single titled Listen. A song about stubbornness and rejecting maturity, Listen encompasses a catchy chorus and complete 90s energy

Alex Luca 2020

ALEX LUCA Shares New Single ‘Freedom’

Freedom is a haunting and emotional new ballad from Alex Luca that will leave every indie kid crying in their bedroom at midnight.  A track penned around finding freedom whilst ultimately feeling underwhelmed by the final result, Alex Luca, a singer/songwriter born in Italy now

St. Buryan 2020

ST. BURYAN Release New Track ‘Torn Apart’

An insanely catchy melody and anthemic chorus makes up the components of Torn Apart – the new single from St. Buryan. Torn Apart is brimming with early 2000s pop punk soundscapes that anyone in their twenties will remember fondly. The new track was penned around