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PALM READER Release Video for New Single ‘Willow’

Following the release of their previous single Hold / Release, the Nottingham band has unveiled their newest song, Willow, off their upcoming album Sleepless, out next month.

Palm Reader 2020

Despite Sleepless being the fourth album in Palm Reader’s career, the band has stayed relatively under the mainstream radar. Having played some big alternative festivals and supported names like Glassjaw, they garnered a dedicated fanbase, but for most people the name won’t immediately ring a bell. That hasn’t stopped Palm Reader from continuously honing their craft, not letting themselves be confined by genre boundaries and establishing their own identity within the metal scene.

The sound of Willow is loud and passionate, vocalist Josh McKeown screaming it out as he belts “within this grief, there is release and you will see it.” Palm Reader are no strangers to honest and heavy subjects, with Hold / Release exploring the notion of toxic masculinity and how men are sometimes discouraged from sharing their problems in an attempt to live up to a false idea of what they should be. A band unafraid of saying what matters.

The video for Willow features a woman clearly going through it. She is shown desperate and drowning, interchanged with images of someone suffocating. Josh says of the song:

‘Willow’ was written after I’d been told a heartbreaking story of loss and young motherhood. I wrote it with the intention of illuminating the strength of any mother in that unfortunate position and to offer a permanent gesture of respect to them. It was one of the first songs we wrote for ‘Sleepless’ and it definitely helped set the tone musically for a lot of what was to come

Sleepless is set to be released on November 27th through Church Road Records.