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INHALER Release New Single ‘When It Breaks’

Dublin’s indie phenomenon Inhaler reflect on the post-lockdown normality in their feverish new single When It Breaks.

Inhaler 2020

The Dublin quartet Inhaler have unleashed their roaring firepower of a single, When It Breaks, ahead of their highly anticipated debut album due to be released early next year. The anthemic track is a confident step further for the band’s future career that sees them destined for big plans that already started by selling out London’s Heaven, touring alongside Blossoms, and being featured at many festivals to come.

Recorded over the summer in aim to cover the uncertainty of today’s ‘normal’, When It Breaks unsurprisingly finds Inhaler sticking to their heavily influenced indie-rock with instantly infectious soundscapes that always spin an underlying nostalgic tone and sleek groovy pop synths. Lead singer and guitarist Elijah Hewson as per usual outstandingly compels listeners with his powerful vocals and catchy guitar riffs, as he questions: “What’s it gonna take / For this storm to break? / You don’t know what you’ve got / Until it’s taken away / I’m not too scared to turn and face it / Well I’m just waking up / It’s true to changing.”

Speaking about how When It Breaks came together, the band said:

We wrote ‘When It Breaks’ in the last couple of months. Over lockdown we were floating around the instrumental demo, it was dark but also pretty hopeful sounding. When we went back to the studio over the summer and really got to put our heads together again, we felt like we had to write something about what was going on and how we felt about it. Coming off tour into lockdown was a huge adjustment for us after we had just got used to life on the tour. At first, it was a welcome break but pretty soon we were dying to get back to any festival or any gig where we could get our fix! The lyrics and the music communicate the anxiousness of how we were all feeling and still are now a couple months later. It’s definitely the most politically-driven song we’ve released so far. It’s our interpretation of this strange and imperfect world we’ve come to live in. Things are gonna change and we are gonna be there when they do.