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ARCHITECTS Announce New Album ‘For Those That Wish To Exist’

A novel era for Architects is closer than you think, with their new banger Animals revealing an atypically mechanical, steampunk inspired sound.

Architects 2020

Together with the announcement of their upcoming album For Those That Wish To Exist, out on 26th February via Epitaph, Architects release an atypical song. Raising questions and excited fret regarding the band’s sonic direction, Animals is not as heavy as you’d expect, yet it’s still a proudly satisfying metalcore tune. Kicking off with marching guitar riffs backed by background noises of industrial hammer hits, the tune immediately demands attention and together with the spellbinding vocals and thought-provoking lyrics, it is nothing short of memorable. With their upcoming album promising 15 tumultuous songs, Animals surely sets high expectations for Architects’ comeback album and we couldn’t be more excited. Honestly.

Regarding the album, drummer and principal songwriter Dan Searle summarises:

This album was me looking at our inability to change to a way of life that would sustain the human race and save the planet. I wanted to look in the mirror and ask ourselves the question of what are <we> going to do, as opposed to trying to point the finger at politicians. Change has to start on a personal level. The world has developed a culture of wanting someone else to deal with it, when we need to take our own responsibility. It has to start there.

ARCHITECTS 'For Those That Wish To Exist'


Do You Dream of Armageddon?
Black Lungs
Giving Blood
Discourse Is Dead
Dead Butterflies
An Ordinary Extinction
Impermanence ft. Winston McCall (Parkway Drive)
Flight Without Feathers
Little Wonder ft. Mike Kerr (Royal Blood)
Goliath ft. Simon Neil (Biffy Clyro)
Demi God
Dying Is Absolutely Safe