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ALFIE INDRA Unveils New Track ‘All My Friends Are Depressed’

Alfie Indra shares that All My Friends Are Depressed – and we don’t blame them.

Alfie Indra 2020

Mental health awareness is never an easy theme to tackle, but that doesn’t seem to stop Norwich’s finest hope, Alfie Indra as he unravels his intrusive and truthful thoughts of his own tale of personal battles. After a six-month break from releasing any original tracks, the 23-year-old singer and songwriter finally drops ethereally wistful single All My Friends Are Depressed.

The astonishing track is a seamless and atmospheric sonic, underlying Alfie’s emotively melancholic yet urgent vocals that will make you on some level sympathize with its lyrical theme and dive into its faded dreamy psychedelic beats.

Opening up on the track’s meaning, Alfie reveals:

After talking about my struggles with OCD and intrusive thoughts on JaackMaate’s Happy Hour podcast, I had hundreds of messages from a mix friends and other podcast listeners saying that they had been struggling too. It made me realise that everyone has some sort of battle going on in their head, but the majority of people don’t talk about it, so everybody ends up feeling like an outcast. Writing ‘All My Friends Are Depressed’ was my way of processing this by opening up a blunt and honest conversation about it.