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ROCK & ROLL QUEEN Drop New Track ’20X’

Metalcore offsprings Rock & Roll Queen rise to take the world by storm with an intoxicating, moshpit-triggering new tune 20X.

Rock & Roll Queen 2020

Russian metalcore up-and-comers Rock & Roll Queen return with the thought-provoking and gore-embracing banger 20X. Co-produced by Stas Belov (Drag Me Out guitarist) and Nik Trekov (Fever333, From Ashes To New) you already know you’re in for a blissfully heavy banger, but what you might not expect are the band’s aggressive, Slipknot-inspired look and the song’s violent music video picturing disturbing themes such as upon self-harm, agonizing memories and lost hope for the future. Combining spellbinding and explosive vocals with volcanic guitar riffs and assertive drums, Rock & Roll Queen created a raw and cathartic tune which demands attention as it releases an avalanche of the bottled up anger and pain. While the overall melody and production are impeccable, the overall nonsensical lyricism and muffled word pronunciation cannot be ignored (believe me, I tried). With such a rich, proficient instrumental and vocals, one can only hope the boys will soon improve their songwriting and thus unlock their truly show-stopping potential.