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LEAP Unveils New Single ‘Where The Silence Goes’

LEAP embraces the dark beast within in his rock-blasting new tune Where The Silence Goes.

LEAP 2020

LEAP is the new solo project from London-based troubadour Jack Balfour Scott. Following the release of his debut single, N.L.T.D, earlier this year, LEAP brings the heat once more as he unleashes his blistering new single Where The Silence Goes upon the world. Filled with visceral passion and fearlessness, it’s a mighty track that sheds light on his musical prowess.

Delving into the darkness that resides within, LEAP offers a piece of himself in his new song, creating a pure and piercing moment of self-awareness. With a spine-tingling chorus and ardent vocals guiding us through, the track is sure to send shivers down your spine as electrifying riffs, pounding drums and ominous keys play against each other violently. Blending indie grunge-instrumentation with the fickleness of electronica and a dash of rock ‘n’ roll glam, LEAP surely deserves a spot on our Ones To Watch list.

Speaking on the new single, LEAP explains:

‘Where The Silence Goes’ is a song I wrote about embracing your inner animal and allowing the darker, more lustful beast within to come out to play once in a while.