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PREMIERE // SUPERLOVE Share ‘Untouchable (Live Session)’

Superlove bring their self-titled debut EP to life as they perform a live session of Untouchable.

Superlove 2020

Bristol three-piece Superlove recently released their enthralling debut EP, and elevated the larger-than-life character of the work onto a whole other level as they share a live performance of Untouchable. While live music still proves to be tricky as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ll certainly feel the familiar rush of endorphins and heart-pounding adrenaline with the band’s heartfelt performance. Live sessions can offer a bridge between listening to a record and seeing it performed onstage, without intending to be a substitute for either. As cymbals collide onscreen and electrifying riffs ring out through your speakers, there’s an almost palpable energy that will grip you and draw you into affinity with the band’s passion.

The track itself preaches a message of authenticity, channelling a fearlessness of standing in your own shoes and owning who you are. Whether it’s the confident lyrics or the motivating instrumentals, it is sure to fill you with the same self-assurance in embracing all of your quirks and individualities. The band further explains the meaning behind the track, sharing:

The song is simply about being yourself, dressing how you want and not caring what anyone else thinks about it. The inspiration comes a lot from how social media can make us worry a lot about always wanting to be seen as popular etc, but in reality none of that should matter at all.

As we look forward to the days when we can get sweaty and rock out at a gig, we asked Superlove to reflect upon their favourite parts of in-person performing.

What are your essentials for a live show?

Batteries, fully charged preferably. Can never have too many batteries ready to go at one time. 

What’s your fondest memory of playing live?

Probably headlining in Bristol earlier this year. It was a sold out absolute mates fest. Definitely one for the scrapbook!

What’s a live show you’ll never forget?

Derby. The Venue. No questions asked.

What do you think will be the future of live shows?

I think bands and artists will have to think a lot more about how much appreciation they show to all venue staff and support they give to incredibly important local venues. They’ve gone through a  tough time so when shows go back to normal we should be grateful for the staff that make shows happen for up and coming bands.

If you could collaborate live with anyone, who would you want to do a live show with?

Biffy Clyro everyday.