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TWO ANOTHER Release Groovy New Track ‘Be Alone’

Combining sultry R&B vocals with hooking syncopated instrumentals, Be Alone is the gorgeous new single from Two Another that you won’t be able to get enough of.

Two Another 2020

Anglo-Australian duo Two Another have kept their veneer of mystery and enigmatic personalities under wrap, stoking speculations and leaving fans questioning about who they really are – up until now. As they open the lid and begin sharing tales of their personal struggles from the past few months, which range from sexuality and mental health to parenthood, Be Alone has provided a platform for them to feel able to share these intimate parts of themselves and resonate with listeners who can relate to the experiences and struggles. The track is released alongside the pair’s new EP Two Sides, which offers a further insight into the mental workings and feelings that have filtrated through the duo’s life in recent times.

Lush, honeyed vocals trickle into your ear as syncopated bass lines add an irresistible rhythmic kick that brings a satisfying balance between feeling laid-back and wanting to groove out. The alluring falsetto tones in the chorus will send tingles down your spine whilst bluesy electronic chords act as a mellow layer that further wraps you in the irresistible embrace of the track. The stunning end result will definitely leave you wanting to be alone to jam out to Be Alone.