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PALE WAVES Release New Single ‘She’s My Religion’

A hearty LGBT love song, Pale Waves ignore the cliches through their new track, She’s My Religion.

Pale Waves 2020

Pale Waves comprise of frontwoman Heather Baron-Gracie (she/her), guitarist Hugo Silvani (he/him), bassist Charlie Wood (he/him), and Ciara Doran (they/them) is on drums. They released their debut album back in 2018 and with power tracks such as There’s A Honey and Television Romance, they instantly became ones-to-watch. The quartet are hoping for a similar reception to their upcoming sophomore album, Who Am I?, due out on February 12th, but in a different way, as it hopes to inspire self-discovery, inclusivity, and being whoever the hell you want to be. HBG says:

Music and art are for people not to feel so alone and isolated. I want to be that person my fans look up to and find comfort in.

Last month Pale Waves released Change, the first single from the new album. They’ve just released She’s My Religion, a raw track that depicts a same-sex relationship in its true light: no cliches, no ‘experimentation,’ just pure love. HBG sings about loving someone in their entirety, dark sides and all, and the lyric “she’s cold, she’s dark, she’s cynical, she’s forever angry at the world… she’s no angel but she is my religion” is already resonating with, and providing a feeling of hope for, fans.

The verses begin with a sort of darkness, a prominent guitar layered with Heather’s voice, but the tempo gets brought up a notch at the bridge, and a catchy, infectious chorus emerges. She’s My Religion is not your typical love song, but it’s most certainly a banger, and as Heather says:

I believe to love someone and their entirety creates a love that is freeing and truthful. I also wanted to give my fans a song to find themselves in; I wish I had a song like this when I was a young girl trying to find herself in the world.