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STRAY LOCAL Release New Single ‘Shiver’

Shiver is the bright new single from indie duo Stray Local.

Stray Local 2021

Based in North Carolina, husband-and-wife duo Stray Local produce music that’s an amalgamation of indie rock, folk, and pop songs; their sound is created with impressive vocal melodies, catchy guitar riffs and rich harmonies.

Their latest track, Shiver, is the first of many to be released from the duo in 2021. The single is a timely take on relationships amid the Coronavirus pandemic, exploring the internal struggle of a young woman who moves in with her partner so they can face isolation together. He’s quiet, and the line “are you breaking down or breaking my heart?!” conveys the protagonists’ confusion about the other half’s feelings.

Despite the pair being “best friends, bandmates, running partners, and husband and wife,” who were able to be “holed up together for a year,” they wrote Shiver as a way to empathise with singletons and those in new relationships, and the struggles they might’ve faced.

It’s light, it’s bouncy, and it’ll put a smile on your face – we all need a bit of that at the minute, right?