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ANWEN ROSE Shares New Single ‘My Mother’s Daughter’

Rising sensation Anwen Rose has unleashed yet another heavy-hitter with her new single, My Mother’s Daughter.

Anwen Rose 2021

Starting off as a slow burner, with moody acoustic guitar and ethereal vocals drenched in dreamy reverb, the track is quick to erupt with melodic start-stop riffs and a complete flip in Anwen Rose’s register — taking her from angelic lulls to powerhouse wails.

While the instrumentation is undoubtedly catchy, it is the compelling storyline and vulnerable lyrics that truly elevate My Mother’s Daughter from just another angsty emo anthem to a tangible and relatable safeguard for those who have dealt with similar scenarios.

At only 22-years-old, Rose is a sagacious spirit and impressive songwriter, creating music for those of us still clinging to the catharsis once brought by the emotive acts of adolescence passed.

Speaking on the new single, Anwen Rose explains:

‘My Mother’s Daughter’ is a song about the fear of adapting the toxic behaviors of one’s parents. After being put through the chaos of growing up with an alcoholic parent, it only seems fitting that turning out to be just like them would be a problematic concern.