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OCEANIS Release New Single ‘…Of Flesh’

UK heavy-hitters Oceanis have unleashed their newest track …Of Flesh from the darkest depths of the sea, and it’s just as rancid as we all hoped.


Entwined with earworm melodies, maniacal vocals and soaring choruses, the band bares its creative teeth with this one. From treading in metalcore oceans with clobbering breakdowns and gutturals, while dipping its toes in power metal ponds with intricate solos and eerie yet imaginative lyrics – …Of Flesh is all over the map in the best possible way and undoubtedly brutal AF.

Between its murderous riffs, pinch harmonics and fleeting operatic hooks …Of Flesh erupts with blood-covered imagery of war, cults and fantasy – the ultimate triad for a perfect metal storyline.

Sharing more on the song, frontman Joe Maryanji had this to say:

At the time we wrote the song, it stuck out and didn’t fit with our sound, but as we’ve evolved it seems to fit better. Lyrically, the track is about a cult who are aware that the Greek Titan Oceanis is returning to end the world. It is also a metaphor for how war changes the world.