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NOYOU Share Soaring New Single ‘Underneath The Pain’

Adventurous and hook-laden, Underneath The Pain is a retro-fuelled synth-pop fantasy. 

noyou 2021

Hailing from Sunderland, indie rock outfit noyou kick off 2021 with irresistible new offering, Underneath The Pain. Drenched in nostalgia, the track finds the band exploring feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt in relationships.

Buzzing with passion and energy, Underneath The Pain showcases a vibrant sonic palette, painting the air with splashes of vintage aesthetics and modern synth-pop subtleties with a dash of indie urgency. The ardent vocals gracefully dance atop effervescent drums and swelling synths, creating an expansive soundscape. With a knack for crafting huge, emotionally-charged choruses, noyou continue to prove that they are one of the most exciting new acts on the scene right now.

Speaking on the new release, lyricist Joey Campbell explains:

The track explores feelings of insecurity in relationships, as well as holding yourself to a standard no one can possibly achieve and beating yourself up when you fail.