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TRAMP STAMPS Share Video for New Single ‘1-800-miss-ur-guts’

Drenched in high school nostalgia, 1-800-miss-ur-guts is a twisted love song that you won’t be able to resist.

Tramp Stamps 2021

With an unfiltered honesty and a touch of bite to their songwriting, Nashville-based trio TRAMP STAMPS are a breath of fresh air in the modern music landscape. Comprising of singer Marisa Maino, guitarist Caroline Baker, and drummer Paige Blue, the band arrives with a strong and clear vision for their future as they openly champion women empowerment and musical independence. Tackling societal topics like white-boy privilege and fragile masculinity in their works, often wrapped up in tongue-in-cheek and witty lyrics, TRAMP STAMPS use their voice to boost self-expression and self-acceptance. Sharing more about their mission, the band says:

We met with labels and had people wanting to throw these big-name dude producers on our songs, but it was important to us to start the project with a woman-centric team. Finally we just said ‘Fuck it’ and decided to do our own thing.

A lot of the time women have to be twice as eloquent as men to get people to pay attention, but we wanted to show that you don’t always have to be so serious to be heard.

I’d love it if our music could give women space to be vulgar and silly and have a lot of fun with it, the same way that men have for so long. We want to remind everyone that being empowered doesn’t have to feel so heavy all the time—you can show that other, lighter side of yourself, and still say something important.

Their latest single 1-800-miss-ur-guts sees the trio embracing their more tender side and follows their debut single, Sex With Me, which was released in January this year. Both tracks are taken from their forthcoming debut EP.

Blending melancholy pop with a dash of pop-punk urgency, the ballad showcases Maino’s powerful vocals layered over a bed of soft instrumentals with a modern electro twist. The story of a high school romance, 1-800-miss-ur-guts is an emotionally vulnerable number and a somewhat time capsule that will make you long for the past in no time.