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MATT TAYLOR & KIRSTY GRANT Team Up for ‘Daylight’

Bringing some euphoria into your day, Daylight is the irresistible new single from Matt Taylor and Kirsty Grant.

Matt Taylor x Kirsty Grant

Brighton-based musician Matt Taylor has gone for a cross-country collaboration as he joins forces with Scottish songstress Kirsty Grant for new single Daylight. Despite its bubbly exterior, the track strikes at some of the more profound feelings we’ve experienced over the last year as we have had to spend time away from loved ones and interact in a virtual space over lockdown. It leaves on a bit of optimism though, reminding you that there is light at the end of the tunnel as the buoyant beats rush past your ears.

Speaking more about the track, Matt offers:

It’s a happy song, which is a nice change for me! What I like about it is that everyone seems to have a different interpretation. For me, the chorus is about wanting to be with someone who isn’t afraid to be open about loving you, but for a few other people it’s been about being able to go and see the people you love again, in the daylight.

Kirsty adds:

For me, the song reflects the “interesting” year we’ve had. The line “2020 hindsight” in the chorus was written meaning 2020 vision, but looking back, it ironically represents looking back on the year that was 2020. To me, it is about a relationship and wanting to be able to experience things in real life, not just online.

Accompanied by a video in style, it captures the digital presence we’ve led in recent times. Explaining their inspirations behind this, the duo share:

We decided that building it up and making it a full music video for the track would not only be so fitting for the song’s message of online/zoom/digital socialising, but also would be the best and safest option we had for making a video.