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HUNTER FALLS Releases Healing Anthem ‘Ain’t No Love’

Belgian singer-songwriter Hunter Falls manages the unmanageable by admirably creating an uplifting song about heartache and failed relationships.

Hunter Falls

Ain’t No Love is a refreshing pop track inspired by the emotions you feel when the person you are dating cannot be trusted. A heartbreak love-anthem, this track will resonate with listeners everywhere as love is a universal human emotion which knows no boundaries. Hunter Falls’ latest single is the ideal accompaniment to listeners who find themselves navigating the emotional rollercoaster of love.

Hunter explains the inspiration behind the track:

We’ve all been there when dating, when we feel like we can’t trust the other person we are supposed to be able to entrust with our lives. In this song, instead of pretending nothing is wrong, the lyrics are telling the other person it’s time to go for the sake of healthiness for both parties.

Hunter is renowned for his storytelling approach to songwriting and Ain’t No Love is no exception, with its powerful lyricism. The therapeutic track’s first verse astonishes with its assertive lyrics “You thought that I would let it slip, this ain’t your timeline”, as they evoke a sense of reclaiming power after moving on from a failed relationship.

Enamoring the listener from the very beginning, Hunter’s hypnotizingly velvet tone is accentuated by glorious, choir-esque background vocals in both the pre-chorus and chorus. Upbeat sonics and harmonious choruses emphasise the affirming lyrics “ain’t no love lost between us” in this remarkably therapeutic anthem.

Hunter’s hope for his new track is equally as empowering as the song itself:

I hope that ‘Ain’t No Love’ will inspire people everywhere to go out there and obtain the love they deserve. We all deserve true, healthy love.