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DAD FRIENDLY Deliver Chill Vibes With Heavenly Single ‘Options’

Combining soothing vocals and soft guitar with a subdued but satisfying bassline, Options invites you to a world of indie lo-fi luxury.

Dad Friendly

Dad Friendly consists of Peter and Deej, two musicians from Seattle who have been collaborating on different musical projects since 2013. Despite parting ways musically in 2016 – with Deej delving into folk music and Peter exploring electronic sound – they reunited in 2020 due to their mutual appreciation of indie music, as this genre combines the elements of folk and electronic music which they love.

Creating one song at a time in order to discover their unique sound, this duo have undoubtedly discovered treasure with their latest release, Options. This graceful song’s chorus, with its contemplative lyricism of “how should I go, mi amor? where’d you go, mi amor?”, means this is the perfect track for some gentle self-reflection.

Dad Friendly speak on the new single:

‘Options’ is about getting into an argument with someone you love. The choruses describe the feeling of getting the cold shoulder and the verse describes getting over it and making up. Basically just a song about relationship troubles.

Options is the epitome of paradise and who doesn’t want to experience paradise?