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ALEXANDER WOODS Shares Visuals for New Single ‘I Know’

The motif of losing then rediscovering love is explored in I Know, the latest single from Alexander Woods.

Alexander Woods

Copenhagen-based funk/soul/alt-pop artist Alexander Woods has taken his time to explore where it is he wants to go with his music, exploring genres and styles. Following success on his last few singles he’s settled on electro-pop, and I Know is his latest offering – and, boy oh boy, what an anthem it is.

Written following a break up with his partner, I Know is a reflection on learning to love the finer things in life, and appreciating what you’ve got, whilst you’ve got it. It’s a summery, upbeat track that evokes optimism and the urge to break into dance in listeners. The accompanying music video furthers this feeling, as the rooftops and streets of Copenhagen are danced upon. It exemplifies the freedom and love for the world that is expressed in the track, and its smooth, happy tones make everything feel a little bit better for even just those three minutes.

On the track, Woods shares:

I learned to listen and turn my inner ‘fix-it’ approach off a bit. I discovered a brand new kind of togetherness with my partner and could see the need for changes in a new light.