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DANA Shares Mellow New Track ‘Undefined’

The love lines are Undefined in DANA’s latest single.


Listening to and creating music has been a part of DANA’s life for as long as she can remember, and its significance has been defined in that it helps her both express herself, and reach out to others. Vulnerability, honesty, and empowerment are themes seen throughout DANA’s music, as she sings about the likes of love, loss, and self doubt – this is seen particularly in her latest track, Undefined.

The single discusses blurred lines within love; an ‘undefined’ relationship. DANA has a mellow, dreamy voice that really encapsulates a listener, and she has combined this with soft, beating background instrumentals, creating an irresistible track. The mood and tone of the single oppose the title and the story behind it; DANA’s talent couldn’t be more crystal clear.