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RACHAEL JENKINS Shares New Single ‘I Don’t Know’

Rachael Jenkins tackles themes of imposter syndrome and anxiety in her indie-pop ballad, I Don’t Know.

Rachael Jenkins 2021

Utah-born singer-songwriter Rachael Jenkins has shared her sophomore single, I Don’t Know, a follow-up to her stunning debut untitled.

Emotionally vulnerable and lyrically intimate, I Don’t Know is a wonderful slice of bedroom/indie-pop balladry. Delicate piano underpins the song, allowing for Jenkins’ poignant vocals to shine through as she lays bare her inner thoughts and feelings. Gently swaying along to the mellow melody, the track offers an insightful glimpse into the confessional and melancholic nature of Jenkins’ songwriting.

Speaking on the new single, Rachael Jenkins shares:

I wrote this track as an attempt to explain what goes on inside my brain when I’m feeling overwhelmed and afraid. I frequently feel like I don’t know what I’m doing in life, like I’m an imposter who doesn’t deserve what I have. I get insecure and filled with self-doubt when I’m unsure of which step to take because trusting myself is difficult.