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THE CATALINA Share New Single ‘Daydream’

Buzzing with energy and immediacy, Daydream is your new summer anthem from The Catalina.

The Catalina 2020

Minneapolis trio The Catalina offer alt-pop thrills with their infectious new single Daydream. Filled with radio-ready pop hooks and sky-chasing melodies, Daydream is sure to get your blood pumping. Think big sing-along choruses, uplifting instrumentals, and passionate vocals; The Catalina once again push their boundaries and elevate their sound to new heights with this new sonic marvel. A story of a young love, Daydream masterfully creates a sense of carefreeness and pure bliss, pairing a real rush of nostalgia with soaring emotion.

Speaking on the new single, the band says:

This song captures the moments of cruising around town with the person that you love, feeling the rush of young love while getting caught up in beautiful scenery to make a collective memory that lasts forever.