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MIDDLE PART Shares New Single ‘2morrow’

Wonderfully woozy and lyrically inspirational, Middle Part opens up about the pressures of being an artist in his latest single 2morrow.

Middle Part

Photo: Carina Allen

Middle Part is the moniker of Brooklyn-based indie-pop artist Andrew Selkōw. Inspired by artists like The Prodigy and Fat Boy Slim, Middle Part has shared dazzling new track, 2morrow, the lead single from his forthcoming debut album.

Delving into themes of self-doubt and mental health struggles that accompany being an artist, 2morrow is a sizzling sonic pot of synth-pop sensibilities with a dash of indie urgency. A voyage into Middle Part’s inner thoughts and feelings, the song offers indie-pop thrills as rousing electronics combine with sparkling instrumentals to create an anthemic sound. Middle Part’s hazy vocals dance atop a vibrant texture, turning anxiety into an uplifting reminder to follow your dreams and never give up.

Speaking more about his upcoming debut album, Middle Part shares:

As we were navigating how we wanted the records to sound, I started making my room into a personal project that quickly became an obsession. I wanted to live within my art and now I’m inviting others to come in and experience my Y2K fever dream.