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MAZEY HAZE Dazzles With New Single ‘Don’t Care’

With sparkling synths and crooning vocals, Don’t Care is the uplifting new single from Mazey Haze.

Mazey Haze

Photo: Pasqual Amade

Amsterdam-based Mazey Haze spins a delightful sound of indie and pop with her latest release, Don’t Care. Having already started writing from the young age of 13, the now 21-year-old has managed to finesse and distil a style and songwriting voice that is distinctly hers and allows her to share her story with the world. She delves into her own uncertainty and darker periods with her latest single, Don’t Care, and relays an honest account that will make you feel touched by her music.

Bringing together fuzzy guitars and luminous synths, the result is a swirling whirlpool of mellifluous sounds that sets you at ease and lowers any walls that you may have up. Hued with various tones and shades, the texture of the track is rich and evocative yet it doesn’t ever feel like too much. Detailing feelings of detachment, the track maintains its brightness through an underlying optimism and determination to overcome the challenges, and it feels like even more of a triumph when you do reach the end and can reflect upon the hardships.

Sharing more on the release, Mazey Haze explains:

‘Don’t Care’ is about me trying to manifest something that I wasn’t feeling when I started writing. Written in the same period as my other songs so far, it’s still me being in darkness, trying to digest everything I felt and had to deal with. This song describes very specific moments and feelings of how I couldn’t sleep, felt empty and how I looked back on memories that would never be reality again. A song about heartbreak and trying to get myself out of an endless downward spiral of hopelessness, emptiness and loneliness. But maybe most of all, this song is basically me trying to help myself through writing this song.