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ROWAN Share Bruising New Cut ‘Youth & Youthhood’

Tinged with a bittersweet nostalgia, Youth & Youthhood is the affecting latest release from Rowan.


There’s always going to be a bittersweet fondness that accompanies any reflection of your teenage years. Those were the days where you could be carefree without consequence, and make mistakes to learn from. Yet it was simultaneously a period that felt like the hardest part of your life, as you learned to tackle the myriad of challenges that life could throw at you. All of these feelings will resurface as you listen to Youth & Youthhood, the latest single from Irish indie trio Rowan.

Blurring the separation between imagination and reality, Youth & Youthhood toe the line with its dreamy guitars and sweeping melodies. It pulls you into a daze with longing vocals, the earnestness of which will strike right into your core and leave you with a sore heart. Spinning a tale of past wishes and yearning reflection, the heartfelt lyricism further layers on the tendering effect of the track, and cements Youth & Youthhood as a go-to track for whenever you’re in a mood of rumination. The band shares that the track is an ode to “the trials and tribulations of navigating life as a teenager,” and explains:

The song reminisces on the fickle nature of young relationships and the baptism of fire that is your first house party. The transition into adulthood can be a scary unknown territory, contrasted by the complex golden days of yore.