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WIL OWEN Soothes With New Single ‘After Dark’

Get ready to have your heart softened by After Dark, the heartbreakingly honest new single from Wil Owen.

Wil Owen 2021

Welsh singer-songwriter Wil Owen continues to build acclaim as he releases his spellbinding third track, After Dark. Marrying spellbinding melodies and placated vocals, he creates a spine-tingling sound that would easily inspire a sense of awe within you, leaving a resonant mark. Having been inspired by the wilderness and natural world around him, he captures the sense of expansiveness and space within his own cavernous harmonies, which resonate with unspoken feelings and swelling emotions. Delicate acoustic guitars build on the delicate nature of the track, and the fragility of the enterprise makes you want to cherish the track more and cradle it even closer to your heart.

Lyrically, the track also offers a sense of wonder as he weaves a story of feeling alone. Wil elaborates:

‘After Dark’ is a song that started out as an image: a crowd of people in a room, completely isolated from each other. I was thinking a lot about our inner lives, how we’re so absorbed by our own thoughts that we sometimes obfuscate our responsibility for them. That’s a hard line to navigate.

The song is essentially an inner monologue, a stream of consciousness reaction to all the shit we say when we’re sad and loose and feeling vulnerable. It ends up affording a moment of reflection, of honesty.