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Bring Me The Horizon drop the new video for the track ‘Throne’


I don’t know where to start. This band has been giving me mixed feelings recently.. It represents everything that I used to be.. well definitely a lot – and very little that I am now. I still get excited though! Mainly because they’re the only heavy rock dudes in my repertoire. My music taste has changed so much!

But yes, the video for Throne. My first thought was Hey! It may not be that bad..perhaps the track will land on the Game of Thrones soundtrack or whatever… But then I was more like Well..not necessarily. I might be a little bit confused now. The song itself is actually good, I suppose, just the video has kind of ruined the entire experience for me. Too creepy. But obviously, it’s everything you could expect from a heavy rock band.

Oh but I love how they’ve evolved! Happy Song and even better track Drown got my full attention. I probably just need to listen to the Throne some more, which btw is the first official single off the new record That’s the Spirit. In a conversation with Rolling Stones Jordan Fish (keyboardist of the BMTH) commented it as one of the most simple and straightforward songs they did. It’s got some elements we had on the last album with an up-tempo rhythm and really strong melodies. So it seemed like an obvious choice for the first single because it’s so immediately catchy and has such a good level of energy.

He also added:

We don’t listen to extreme deathcore any more. We still like some heavy music, but I also like Justin Bieber. My wife told me the other day I have the music taste of a teenage girl.

Well, perhaps let’s not get Justin Bieber involved in it.

Anyway, watch the video below.

The fifth album That’s the Spirit is to be released on 11th September this year and was outlined by Oli Sykes as an eleven track exhilarating ride of an album, bursting with huge riffs, soaring vocals and stadium filling monster tracks.

1. Doomed
2. Happy Song
3. Throne
4. True Friends
5. Follow You
6. What You Need
7. Avalanche
8. Run
9. Drown
10. Blasphemy
11. Oh No