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QTY Unveil New Track ‘Cold Nights’

New York duo QTY is set to release their self-titled debut album this Friday.

QTY have a brand new tune for you titled Cold Nights that seems too fitting for this time of year.

As the opening track of their self-titled debut album, out on the 8th of December, Cold Nights sets the tone perfectly. Dan Lardner’s vocals balance the layered rhythmic and intricate guitars. And even with its theme being all about those colder months, this song could easily land on a summer road trip playlist.

Dan says of the song:

In the weeks leading up to recording our debut with Bernard in London, I lost electricity and heating in my apartment. Being cold, along with the bond that Alex and I share, is a reoccurring theme that is touched on throughout the record. With Cold Nights, these two dominant forces in my life are explored. When asked to describe what QTY sound like I often say that we are “guitar driven lyrical rock music with pop sensibilities”, and Cold Nights is specifically what I have in mind when I say that.

QTY is set for release on December 8th via Dirty Hit.