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ZELAH Unveil New Single ‘Wide Awake’

London-based pop outfit ZELAH release empowering second single Wide Awake.

Saturated in dark pop textures, Wide Awake follows the path of intense and dramatic arrangement that characterised their beautiful debut single, Run Away.

Enigmatically named ZELAH, after singer’s first name, the young band has been poignantly introducing their complex sound. Soaring on ardent vocals and down-tempo elements, Wide Awake is yet another darkened tune serving a much deeper meaning. With passion and confidence in pursuing their dreams, ZELAH translate their hopes and beliefs into emotive musical patterns.

ZELAH explains:

I’d recently moved to London working a full-time job to support the music that the band and I are creating, so felt like I was in a bit of a spiral of non-stop work, sometimes surrounded by people who don’t completely understand what we’re trying to do. So ‘Wide Awake’ is really about holding onto those goals and never letting anyone make you question your beliefs about yourself, because hard work will always pay off in the end.