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HOMEBOUND Share New Single ‘Change of Heart’

Homebound tease listeners with what to expect from their upcoming EP, sharing new single Change Of Heart

Farmham’s Homebound share rousing single Change Of Heart, the second cut from their hotly anticipated More To Me Than Misery EP, set to be released on August 17th via Rude Records.

It’s got all the elements to make it a memorable track; with unapologetic drums, resonating lyrics and infectious hooks, it will get your heart pounding with adrenaline.

As the bass drum thunders through with an unyielding pulse, soft vocals layered over create a sense of vulnerability. This doesn’t settle for long, as the vocals shift to a higher register, belting out lyrics such as “When there’s a will, there’s a way” with unwavering passion. There’s a sense of angst simmering away under the surface, created by the frenetic guitars and bombastic drumming.

Vocalist Charlie Broughton explains:

‘Change Of Heart’ was one of the first songs written for ‘More To Me Than Misery’ and is an integral part of the EP’s message. It deals with the emotional exhaustion felt when you invest so much of yourself into something and continually have to pick yourself back up. Needing to know when to step back can be difficult to come to terms with and this song epitomises that struggle.

Catch the band at the following dates.


27 – Newcastle, Think Tank

28 – Birmingham, Asylum 2

29 – Southampton, Joiners

30 – London, Thousand Island


01 – Leeds, The Key Club

02 – Glasgow, The Garage (Attic)

03 – Manchester, Satans Hollow

04 – Liverpool, Sound Basement